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Venus, una bella y bondadosa muchacha,
era la diosa del amor;
Juno, una terrible fiera, la diosa del matrimonio.
Y siempre fueron enemigas mortales”
Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745, escritor irlandés


“I lost my blue train
On a blue monday
My blue girl was going there
I´ll be forever lonely
When the train left behind
The station under the rain
I started to sing and I…
I Could see her face again
If I meet my blue girl
I´ll tell her I was here but away
Just trying to find her
But always in a wrong way
She´s so hot and so cool
She has wisdom and madness
So deep blue, but sometimes colorful
She rescues me from sadness.”

Joosito Pynchon and his heart (“Blue girl blues”)




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