(Taken with pinhole)

"y es que  fue absolutamente 'surrealista' "

We don´t have the faintest idea about Love. If we would, we would celebrate life, dancing in the clouds with saints and women of a certain reputation. Drunk of Love, as it should be. We would just be happy.

We are craving for the love free from the body, free from restraints of embarrassment, free from narrow mindness, endlessly, free from obligations of work. And the cowards, hating their loneliness, eager to establish relationships with stewardesses with an ethereal smile as wide as artificial.

You have to sing loudly and clearly that “sex is a great expression of love” (Ratzinger), in the same way that “love is expressed very well by sex” (Marquis de Sade). We have as many definitions of sex, as we want to have about ourselves. We are all looking for being divine, lifted by orgasms. Although these are short … undeniably it is heavenly and repeatable.

Sex is a fine art that makes us who we are. A gate to infinity. We enchant the tales and people who fought invain, but we especially like those who believed fighting for their identity when in fact they were fighting for their freedom. All identity is naturally reductive, freedom is human.

And nowadays, laboratories want to clone the human soul. But cloning souls?! Juuu … I don´t think it is possible. Because the secret of love … will always be the secret of love, dear Sade.


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