Eclipse with Rimbaud


(taken with pinhole)

I’ve spent half my life in darkness.

I’ve unloaded lorries of darkness.
I’ve drunk all darkness.
I’ve slept with darkness.
I’ve loved darkness and lain with her.
I’ve touched the stones of darkness until my hands bled.
I’ve repeated your name in darkness.

The fishermen sing in the mists of darkness.
The lifeless young are awake in darkness.
The musicians and whores keep their hearts in darkness.

I’ve dreamed half my life of darkness.
I’ve lodged my youth in the hemp of darkness.
I’ve undressed darkness and possessed her.
With a shepherd’s fingers I’ve stroked the sex of darkness.

Darkness is the prayer of the clouded accordions.
Darkness is alive in words that decipher death.
Darkness inhabits beauty’s suburbs.

Give food for barking to the dog of darkness.
Listen to the sacred leprosy of darkness.

(Traducción de Niall Binns)

Juan Carlos Mestre


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